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The portable bluetooth multifunctional speaker, including FM radio, is where you can enjoy for yourself, your family, or a party.

  • Style- With are 4 different colors to choose from, Red, Black, Mint, and Silver, you can be sure to find the color that fits your personality. The T&G speaker presents a unique cylinder shape and can be set on any surface. One side presents the speaker that puts out exceptional sound while the other side displays the LED light feature.

  • Design- A well made speaker built to be sturdy for your lifelong enjoyment.
  • Features- Enjoy the radio and listen to your favorite stations with a built in FM radio. You will get a functional speaker phone, Bluetooth, an SD card slot, and an AUX connection. Appreciate the long lasting battery 8 hours, so you can enjoy the speaker for long periods, with only 2 hours to recharge. Easy to use buttons, such as the power, volume, and LED. The stunning layout of the speaker has an LED panel on one side as shown in the picture. This will sure please the party guests.

  • Recommendations- The size of the speaker is perfect for personal use, and can be set in your room and even bathroom to listen to your favorite tunes, music, or podcasts. Great for family functions as well as get togethers and parties as it will liven up your event.

  • Compatibility- The T&G speaker is compatible with any bluetooth device, such as your phone, laptop, and devices alike.
  • 30 Day Money BACK- With our money back guarantee, and NO strings attached, you have a WHOLE 30 days to get the feel of your phone to see if you absolutely love it. Which we think you will. 

Don’t miss out on the T&G affordable speaker, with many features. Treat yourself or give this special device to a loved one or friend today.  

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