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The smartwatch that is a must have. The Power House smartwatch from One Stop Case, provides all the essentials you need in a smartwatch at an affordable price. 

This watch is designed specifically for long battery life, fitness tracking, and comfort. With the long lasting 21 day battery, you will never need to worry about your watch making it through the night. 

This watch features:

Fitness Tracking: Track you steps with ease! This watch has. built in step counter to help you keep track of your steps throughout the day. The Power House watch also sports a built in heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and workout mode to help make sure you get the most from your workout. 

IP67 Water Resistance: The Power House watch also is IP67 water resistant and is able to handle the rain or sweat during a workout. 

Long Battery: With a 21 day battery this watch will be able to keep up with you no matter how intense your lifestyle is

Adaptable Watch Face: Don't like the watch design on the front? No problem! This has 24 built in designs to allow you to get the best design for your style, and with the downloadable app you can get even more designs! 

Not only does this watch posses some amazing built in features you will also be able to use this watch for both Apple and Android devices with the application that comes with the watch. 

Don't wait, come and get your Power House smartwatch today while supplies last! 

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