Top Benefits of Owning and Using a Smartwatch

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You have probably come across people saying that a smartwatch is a luxury most people can do without. However, if you’re reading this, you are probably not convinced that you should continue life without a smartwatch. 


In the age of smartphones, there’s not much reason to wear a traditional watch other than for fashion reasons. We always know what time it is via our phones, and we can set alarms for anything important, but there are excellent reasons you should consider a smartwatch.


For starters, they can more than tell the time, a lot more. They are also great for staying connected, monitoring your health and wellness, and keeping you entertained. Let’s explore more on why you won’t regret slapping a smartwatch on your wrist.


  1. More Convenient Notifications


Smartwatches integrate closely with your smartphone, which is part of the reason they are so compelling. When someone calls or texts on your phone, your smartwatch will give you a discreet notification.


You can instantly tell if the message or call is urgent and can decide whether you need to take action on it without having to take your phone out of your pocket. When you are in a meeting, a message on your smartwatch is unlikely to create a disturbance, and your colleagues or clients will be none the wiser.


A gentle flick of the wrist can send an automated message that you cannot be disturbed, and you can call back at your leisure.


  1. Enhanced GPS Navigation


If you are a regular user of GPS navigation, your smartwatch provides access to a street view on your wrist without having to carry a bulky phone in your hand or in a shoulder strap. 


Navigating via Google or Apple Maps is convenient on your phone while traveling in a vehicle. However, once you park and are still unsure where you are going, a smartwatch makes navigating by foot a lot more convenient.


Turn-by-turn navigation helps you get to your destination if you have parked some distance away.  Carrying a phone on a busy street while trying to find your way can be hazardous, and there is a good chance you will drop your phone or bump into somebody or something.


If you are running for fitness, you can track your progress with a glance at your wrist.


  1. You are Still Connected While Running


It’s rather difficult to answer your phone while performing some activities, including fitness activities like swimming, cycling, or walking. Carrying a phone during a fitness routine is difficult, if not impossible, but you can stay connected if you have a small device attached to your wrist that is a proxy for your phone.


A waterproof smartwatch will keep you connected even though you might be in the water. Quickly check your messages between laps without a problem. If you are walking for fitness, you can easily tap your smartwatch to take a call, check your messages, or change the music track.


  1. Smartwatch Batteries Can Last a Long Time


The battery life of an Apple Watch can reach 18 hours, which isn’t too shabby, but the Pebble Time Steel maxes out at an outstanding ten days. Other smartwatches last even longer on a single charge. For instance, the Garmin Fenix can stretch it out to 21 days, while the Amazfit GTR Smartwatch sprints past that with 24 days between charges.


Of course, these are manufacturers’ specifications, and real-world results will vary. Still, the numbers for battery endurance are impressive. Cheaper smartwatches only work with Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. For the ultimate connectivity where you can take advantage of super-long battery life, you will need a smartwatch that can take a SIM card connected to a data plan.


  1. It’s YouTube - On Your Wrist!


When you’re walking around town or making your way around the fitness course at the park, you might like to check out the latest video from your favorite YouTuber. We know you can’t exactly watch a video while you’re busting out a few squats, but if it’s a talking-head video, you certainly can.


Podcasts and audiobooks are also a great way to update yourself on the latest musings and happenings while keeping fit, vacuuming the floor, or washing the dishes. Smartwatches make keeping up with the latest news more straightforward than dealing with a large, clunky smartphone.


Unfortunately, you might be limited in the type of smartwatches you can use if you want to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, as many brands are not compatible. Most will play your music library for you no problem, though, and many models have onboard storage, which is convenient for when you don’t have access to data. 


  1. Smartwatches Make the Best Fitness Trackers


Why spend a few hundred dollars on a fitness tracker when you can have all the extra functionality of a smartwatch for just a little extra? Many smartwatch brands have all the fitness functions and health and wellness monitoring you could want, and some you might not know you wanted.


Fitness enthusiasts can use a smartwatch to fast track their way to their fitness goals by measuring heart rate, analyzing sleep, tracking pace, monitoring activity levels, and competing with friends if they are using the same app. Fitness trackers like Fitbit devices have limited compatibility, but with a smartwatch, you gain access to cross-platform compatibility that brings a lot more functionality.


  1. Instant Social Media Notifications


When you’re engaged in a vigorous Twitter discussion or need to see the moment when someone responds to your Facebook post, you won’t have to keep checking your phone. When you’re running a business and customer engagement on your social media feed is important to you, a smartwatch will help you deliver exceptional customer service your competitors can’t match unless they are glued to their phones or laptops.


If you’ve never considered a smartwatch before because you suspected it wouldn’t bring any value to your life, the above points should have convinced you otherwise. Check out your smartwatch options today because there’s a range of prices and features to suit every budget and lifestyle.

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