iLepo: 8 Port Charging Station w/ Charging Cables

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iLepo: 8 Port Charging Station With Charging Cables


If you’ve ever scrambled out the door with your phone’s battery in the red, you know that power is precious, and the faster you can get it, the better. And when you have multiple devices, it can be a real challenge to charge them all. Especially when you must use half a dozen charging cables that are scattered all over the place just so you have enough outlets to charge everything at once.


Luckily, the iLepo: 8 Port Charging Station is the EXACT solution you’re looking for!


This 8-port charging station is specially designed to solve all your problems at once. Advanced charging technology allows you to simultaneously charge your tablets, phones, speakers, smart watches, and much more on a single pad. This device is the ultimate must-have for simple, fast, and safe charging!


Key Features:

  • Smooth Charging Experience: Charge your tablets, phones, speakers, smart watches, and more from a single outlet.
  • 8 High Power Ports: With a massive 65W total power, this charging station can charge up to 8 of your devices simultaneously at full speed.
  • Protect Your Charger And Devices: Keep your devices safe with industry-leading overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection. 
  • Power Organization: Charging through a single multi-port wall charger reduces the number of chargers required and frees up outlets in your home and office.

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