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    Did you know the US's average amount of connected devices is close to 10 devices per household in 2020? According to Statista, an online statistic provider, this is the case for many Americans, which will only grow as 5G becomes more widely available. 

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    This brings us to the ever-growing problem that most families face and leads to many arguments. Where are all of the chargers! In this article, I will cover some of the options you have to avoid those unneeded arguments! 


    Let's start with the basics. Almost everyone in America has the infamous single-port charger. It comes with virtually every new smartphone (Except for the iPhone 12), and let's face it, you have more than one device that can use charging, so to combat this, most charges you buy from the store now have a minimum of 2 ports for charging devices. Here at One Stop Case, we offer these charges a great solution when you have a few devices to charge. 


two port power brick


    Now, if you are like most people, you likely have more than just two devices that need charging. Anything from a Smartwatch that you wear to your phone and tablet that you use for work, you need a convenient way to charges these devices. 

    A powerful four-port charger is likely what you are going to need in this case. With a four-port charger, you can charge your tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch all at once while also leaving one port open for charging that new Bluetooth speaker you got for Christmas. 

four port charging brick

    For larger families, a four-port charger will likely not cut it. You have kids fighting over chargers and cables and after finding all of the chargers for the kids, guess who does not have a charger? YOU! In this case, you need a good size charger that can handle the stress of multiple devices. 


    You are in luck! We offer power stations that will meet the needs of most large families that have multiple devices to connect—our eight-port power stations by USLION and iLepo the perfect solution for at home and while traveling. 


    Last but not least - Wireless charging. This form of charging is excellent if you have a smartwatch or other small device that can charge quickly, but this tends to be the most wasteful form of charging for most smartphones (according to Debugger). However, these still have their place in the charging world and can be handy if you frequently break your chargers. 
Wireless charging


    Overall, no matter the size family or the number of devices you have, there will be a charger out there that meets your needs and will provide you with the best experience! 

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