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   If you are reading this right now, you probably are like many others that have trouble installing glass screen protectors. Everyone on YouTube makes it seem easy peasy, but for some reason, your screen protector is full of spots and maybe did not turn out how you thought it would. Perhaps you are like my wife that breaks screen protectors once a week and need to know how to do this professionally. Maybe you started working at Verizon (Like I did) and need to know how to wow your customers by installing a perfect screen protector and show your manager you are a god at installing them! 

   Fear not! After working in wireless for over five years, I can tell you that I have learned a few things about installing a screen protector! It has taken many months (and wasted money!) to perfect this craft, but once we finish this, you will thank me. 

   Before we get too deep into this, if you require a screen protector, we offer some stellar options for both iPhone and Android devices. We also have an excellent YouTube video you can watch the process live! 


Step One: Prepare your work area.

Preparing your work area is essential in a successful installation of a screen protector. Things you are going to need: 

  1. The Screen Protector (Of course!)
  2. Tape, preferably tape that will span from one side of the screen to the other.
  3. Lens Cleaning Wipe
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. Plenty of lighting
  6. (Optional) Included dust remover

Now you will see in my picture that I have packaging tape as it was the only thing I had, but it is best to use scotch tape or another everyday tape as it will allow for the best dust removal. 

Preparation materials


Step Two: Prepping the phone for action

   So step two may seem pretty apparent to most. You need to clean the screen and make sure any debris is removed, but what many people do not realize is that even though you cleaned the screen with that fancy terry cloth and amazing liquid cleaner, your screen is STILL DIRTY! Cleaning the phone screen is an essential step in the entire process, and if you miss it, you will regret it.

   So in this step, you are going to want to do a couple of things. First, wipe down the phone with a terry cloth to remove larger debris and items that could stick to the screen.


terry cloth

   Once you have cleaned the device, the next step will be wiping it down with the lens cleaner. Using a good lens cleaner will help remove the fingerprints and other smaller debris left by the terry cloth. 


Lens cleaner

   Once you have wiped the screen down with the lens cleaner, it is time for the tape. Patients will be your friend with this part of the process as you need to take your time and remove any lint from the screen. You will also notice that the tape will lift some of the oil residues from the phone. As we know, most people's hands have some layer of natural oil, and it is hard to remove this with the terry cloth and lens cleaner alone. The tape pulls off what they missed making it a key step! 


Tape cleaning


Now, take a look at the phone under some light. Move the phone so the light hovers over the screen, as shown in the picture. Shining the light over the phone will allow you to see any other dust you may have missed while cleaning. If there is anything, hit it with the tape again! 
checking with light



Step 3: Screen Installation

Now that you have made it to the moment of truth, I am sure you are worried that something will go wrong (Trust me, I know the feeling), but if you did the first two steps correctly, then you should be in good shape!

Now it is time to remove the protection that is on the screen protector. CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY remove the backing!

Remove film from protector


   Now without hovering over the phone on one end of the phone, gently place the screen protector where it needs to be, but do not lay it down; you want to make sure you have the alignment right before it starts to adhere! Also, note that most screen protectors are not end to end with the phone screen so leave just a small space to make sure the protector does not go over the small lip of the screen. 


Align the protector


   The moment of truth, did you get all the dust? Did you get most of the oil? Well, you're about to find out! At this point, the screen protector adhesive should begin to cling to the phone screen. You should see this slowly start to form, as seen in the picture below. 


Screen sticks to protector


   If all went well, your screen should look amazing! From here, your screen protector should last you many months to come assuming you do not drop it on the concert (Knock on wood!). 



   Now, if you notice a dust spot or two, don't fret! Using your fingernail, gently slide your fingernail under the glass to lift it and take a piece of tape to slide between the phone screen and the screen protector. Once the tape is under the dust spot, gently press the protector down and gently lift it back up, and this will remove the dust from the screen protector. Try not to do this too often as it will cause a bend in the screen protector, and it will never lay flat. 

   Suppose you notice air bubbles in the screen protector but no dust, then you're in luck! All you need to do at this point is gently lift the screen protector to create a new air pocket. By doing this, you are allowing the screen protector to reset itself on the phone screen and remove the air bubble. 

   If you find that videos are more to your liking, we also created an amazing YouTube video on the process! 

   I hope this was helpful and informative to you to try and conquer the thing that almost every smartphone user dreads—installing screen protectors! As a bonus, if you read this article and purchase a screen protector from us and still can not get it on, let us know! We will ship out a one-time courtesy replacement for you! Just mention this blog and your order number in the contact us form, and we will get you squared away! 

   I hope this helped, and never fear installing a screen protector again! 

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