USLION: Premium 8 Port Charging Station w/ Cables

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Simplify Your Space And Keep Your Devices Fully Charged With This USLION Premium 8 Port Charging Station

Aren’t you tired of trying to find a free port to charge your phone, tablet, or smartwatch?

With the USLION: Premium 8 Port Charging Station, you don’t have to spend your day wrangling cables and switching out devices.

Free yourself to do the things you care about with a station designed to make your life simpler.

Ideal for families, coworking spaces, and road warriors, the compact USLION: Premium 8 Port Charging Station features 6 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 QC3.0 fast-charging port, meaning it’s fully compatible with smartphones, iPhones, and even tablets.

And you can charge them all at once.

So when you’re ready to stop spending your day plugging and unplugging cables, it’s time to start getting organized. Order your USLION Premium 8 Port Charging Station today.

✔ 6 Cables Included - To make sure you get the most out of your USLION from the day it arrives, 6 cables are included with each purchase. Choose from 6 iPhone cables, 6 USB-C cables, or 6 Micro USB cables.

✔ Intelligent Charging With A Digital Display - Better manage your devices through the digital display’s real-time monitoring. See the charge speed, the status, and which ports are currently in use - all with one simple screen.

✔ Keep Your Devices Safer - With how much we spend on our phones and tablets, you can’t be too safe. That’s why our USLION Premium 8 Port Charging Station has 9-fold safety protection - including overcharge, overcurrent, and temperature - for your device’s health and for your peace of mind.

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